9 Ways to make your home warm during the rainy season

Rain is relentless when the rains come and the weather causes air to be felt very cold, not least at home. Therefore, not uncommon for people who buy a heater or heating to prevent cold during rainy season . In addition to practical, it also has many benefits.


There are several ways to heat your home. Here’s the full review:

  1. Use a heater or heating that you can order in Columbus Ohio furnaces, so you can keep warm inside the house.
  2. Close all the windows of your home. Moreover, if the rain that falls accompanied with heavy winds and storms, make sure all windows of the house in a locked state.
  3. Replace window blinds in your home. The use of curtains in the windows of houses beneficial to keep cold air into the house. In addition to using the blinds, you can also cover the window with a sheet of clear plastic to prevent cold air from entering the house.
  4. Close all doors of your home. Check around the crack in the door and bottom of the door. Make sure there are no gaps for cold air into your home.
  5. Move items such as plants, or anything that may block light to enter your home. You can move it back later at night the place of the original.
  6. Close all unused rooms. The door closed to make room in your house becomes warmer.
  7. Use a rug to your home board. The floor using carpet could help prevent the loss of heat through the surface of the floor of the house. Generally the carpet floor more warm than wood or stone floors.
  8. Turn on your house lights. The average incandescent bulb to release 95 percent of heat energy. Which means this could be one of the efficient heat source for your home.
  9. If you’re watching TV or relaxing with family during the rainy season, choose a small room to relax. The rooms were small will limit the heat out of your body and the TV was missing useless because it will flow around so it is not wasted, so you will not experience freezing.