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Ways of Maintaining Marble Flooring Marble is a very beautiful natural stone that has been adopted for use across various sections of the home. Some of the most common places you will find marble include the bathroom flooring and kitchen countertops. Not only is this stone loved because of its beauty, but its flexibility is exceptional too. It is one of the most flexible stones you will ever find in the building and construction industry. You need to take care of marble on a regular basis for it to maintain its excellent looks. Wear and tear will definitely degrade the looks of marble even though the stone itself is durable. You cannot clean marble in the same way stones such as granite are cleaned. The reason behind this is that marble is a very soft stone that is susceptible to chipping, etching, and staining. You need an approach that focusses on eliminating dirt while keeping the floors in a pristine condition. One of the common problems that face marble floors is scratching. You need to develop a cleaning routine that focuses on removing the dirt and debris from the floors time and again. Scratching is usually caused by sand and small stones hence need to be removed on a daily basis. Water spills are also another common problem facing marble. Clean your marble floors or countertops with water and a cloth. Solutions such as vinegar shouldn’t be used to clean marble since they are acidic and can result into chemical etching.
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Any acidic liquid can cause stains on the marble. Clean any spills from soft drinks and wines as fast as they occur. You shouldn’t rub marble thoroughly while cleaning due to the ease of scratching or discoloring it. Instead of this, you should use a rag, pressing it against the spill to absorb. You can use a soft mop if you have one. Always take care when it comes to the chemicals you use to clean marble floors and countertops. Avoid acidic chemicals which will end up destroying the beautiful marble.
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Despite its looks, marble is actually a fragile stone. Don’t place heavy objects or drag things across marble floors. If it is unavoidable to place heavy things on a particular section, you can use a mat to lessen the pressure. Children could also cause scratches on your marble floors while playing with their toys. Inform them that they shouldn’t play on areas that don’t have mats. It is tiresome to maintain your marble floors but more expensive to repair them hence ensure to clean them constantly.