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How to Handle a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Insurance is intended for the protection of policyholders who find themselves in a relatively expensive accident. Expenses could include injuries or car damages to one or both parties. If you are rear-ended, for example, your car will be damaged and you could get injured. The insurance company of the responsible party must provide financial compensation for the treatment of your injuries, as well as for the repairs to your vehicle.

However, the issue of which expenses are covered or not covered depends on your policy and what happened during the accident. If you are found partly at fault or responsible, the other party’s insurance provider may deny payment for your damages and/or injuries.

Whereas a contract obliges insurance providers to pay insurance holders for accident damages that suit the contract’s terms, there are companies that violate their own contract requirements by withholding …

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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers: Who Are They?

A lot of people rely on insurance whenever they need it the most. Car insurance since you have been a victim of a car accident or medical insurance and that you have discovered that you have injury or severe illness that needs to be treated. People pay premiums not because they enjoy doing it, but because if in case something might happen to them they will be able to seek the help of their insurance company.

There are some companies that looks for any excuse not to pay for the honest customer that have been paying his or her policy every month as a protection. If an insurance company makes all the reason not to pay what is due in the contract, then the insurance company is engaging in insurance bad faith.

Insurance bad faith is a legal term that is used to …