Guide to Starting a Restaurant Business

If we see today, the restaurant and the meal was a lot everywhere. Especially in urban areas. Opening a new restaurant venture certainly has a great challenge and a great risk as well.

However, if we have good planning, good financing, and a lot of hard work, it certainly can be done.

Having a successful restaurant can be one one of the most exciting experience and it certainly provides a lot of benefits in your life. Here are some tips on how to start a restaurant business:

  1. Designing plan

a) Define the concept of food

Speaking of restaurants, we can not be separated from the food menu. This is the first thing that must be decided when we wanted to build a restaurant. Is the restaurant you want to wake up the concept of fast food restaurants, a steakhouse, or a five-star restaurant?

Having a specific food concept that will help you in determining other aspects concerned with those restaurants. In Indonesia, we often encounter, the concept of a restaurant or eating place that carries the main menu of seafood, steaks, Lesbian, sandwiches, coffee shop, family, and so on.

And, if you’ve decided the concept of food at your restaurant, then you can draw up a list of menu you want to serve it to the customer. Some of the considerations that you can take in determining the food menu could include: what plural offered by your competitors (another restaurant), where you will get the necessary food sources, special equipment is needed, and any cooking skills required.

If the menu has been arranged, the next is to determine the price per food menu. You do not need to be too long in determining the price per menu, make a dish taste and atmosphere in your restaurant as a benchmark in determining the price.

b) Consider the Restaurant Interior Design.

Nowadays, a lot of restaurants that not only sell food but also sell the atmosphere in the restaurant. The ambience and atmosphere in the restaurant is one important thing that must be considered. Common things that are often taken into consideration in determining the atmosphere of the restaurant is like furniture, lighting, plates and cups, uniforms, music and style of service.

There also are attaching certain images on the walls of the restaurant, or installing carpet classy and so forth. The goal is to assist customers in remembering that our restaurant is different from other restaurants. For carpet installation Liverpool NY, you can order at the Magic Carpet.

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c) Plan-style services for your customers

Target customers, the concept of food, and the restaurant’s location will determine how you create a pattern of service for customers. In general, in the restaurant that we usually encounter in urban areas, there are three styles of service: service is top class, the middle class of service, and fast service.

It is important to specify which category your restaurant, if the middle class, upper class, or a fast-food restaurant. Why is it important? Because it will help you in determining the technical things like the number of staff and also the price of the food menu.

Examples for example, fast-food restaurants. The restaurant is known for cheap and presentation very quickly. An example is a burger, a pizza restaurant, and quick chicken. Moreover, no such thing as middle-class restaurant. This restaurant is a blend of upscale and fast food restaurants.

Then the last is an upscale restaurant. The restaurant is usually present in five-star hotels, food dish was very clean and complete, the atmosphere is very exclusive, and also a very good service. This restaurant offers the usual menu with top quality food and high prices.

d) Design costs

Designing cost to build the restaurant is very important, especially when you wake restaurants require funding not less. You must know how much it cost to build the restaurant you want, to the smallest detail, from the greatest things such as the cost of premises, business permits, until the smallest things such as the cost of buying spoons and plates.

Find out as much. Do not be shy to share with other owners of the restaurant business because they certainly have a considerable experience in setting up restaurants. The more information you have, the more familiar you are also in setting up your finances.

e) Business Planning

If all things are ready, from the food menu, staff employees, the place, it is time you introduce your restaurant to the general public. This is where the business plan will help you in the promotion process and introduce your restaurant business to your potential customers. The success rate of your restaurant is largely determined by your business planning. Here are some things that need to be solved when you design a business plan:

  • The concept of your restaurant
  • Target your market
  • The food menu and price
  • Details of initial capital in building a restaurant
  • Estimated long-term revenue for your restaurant
  • How do you market your restaurant
  • How do you manage HR
  • Preparing a plan B if things do not go well
  1. Hiring Employees

One of the most important factor in measuring the success rate of our restaurant is to look at the quality of our employees, and how we manage it. However, before you start hiring employees, first determine how the number of employees needed, the job description of what, and how much the salary offered.

In general, the restaurant consists of three positions. The first is a manager or supervisor. They are a leader in the restaurant. They are the chairman of the executive team at your restaurant. The second is the cooker. They are a team who prepare special menu. And the third is the server. They are a team who deal directly with customers, including the cashier and cleaning service.

To determine how many employees you need, you can consider how many tables, chairs and the rooms were there. Consider also when the rush-hour at your restaurant, for example, from Saturday night, many customers coming. You need to add personnel to serve your customers when rush hour.

And lastly, you should also consider your budget. This is often most affect how many employees you can hire.

  1. Promotion Strategy

No matter how good your restaurant, that the means of promotion is not attractive, it’s useless. Therefore, the preparation of attractive promotional strategy should be made, especially now that more and more restaurants are already standing. If your restaurant does not offer added value that is different from other restaurants, it will be difficult to attract your target market to drop to your restaurant.