Make a Statement with the Moroccan Berber Artisan Rug

Berber Rugs come from The Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These wool rugs are hand woven by the Beni Ourain people or Berber Tribe, so they have an authentic, non-machine made look coupled with a contemporary look defined by their designs, finish and color.

However, they are of high quality and capture the traditional hand weaving style characteristic to the Berber Tribe. The wool itself is also special coming from the sheep of the Atlas Mountains. A Moroccan Berber rug is an affordable artisan product that can meet a variety of needs.

Warm Up A Room

These rugs will help to minimize drafts and keep a room warm in the cold months just by being spread out on the floor.

Keep It Natural

The rugs are the perfect choice if you want to keep everything natural. Aside from the pile being 100% Moroccan wool, the warp is 100% cotton. Some of the benefits of using all natural wool:

Resistant to infestation by dust mites
Antibacterial and antimicrobial
Fire resistant
Won’t irritate asthmatics

Live In Comfort

The soft, plush look and feel of these wool rugs will make them a pleasure underfoot and as floor rugs. With a nice thickness of approximately 25 mm, you may just want to stretch out and relax on one. They are also useful for an all-natural alternative to a pilates, yoga or exercise mat.

Original Tribal Designs

While the rugs come in the light colors of white, ivory and cream, they are highlighted by the designs woven into the rugs in colors such as black, brown, red, green and even fluorescent colors. These are traditional designs characteristic to the Berber Tribe. The designs tend to be conservative, geometric styles, and many of the rugs are given a thick solid or geometric border.

Choose From Small, Medium Or Large Rugs

With a wide choice of rug sizes available, you can either plan to cover quite a large area or use a smaller rug as a throw rug. Some order these rugs for the sole purpose of hanging them on the wall as art displays.

Care And Maintenance

The Moroccan Berber Rug naturally repels dirt and is woven to last and do well under heavy foot traffic. These rugs will last quite a while and look just as good as the day you bought them with regular care. It is important to note that you can’t use all of the regular rug and carpet cleaning products and methods on these rugs. To properly care for your special rug, you should vacuum it often.

To avoid damaging it, do not beat or brush your rug. Do not let your rug get wet, and do not wash it. If something spills on your Berber rug or if there is a spot that won’t vacuum out, then use special soap for cleaning wool and a damp cloth, and gently clean the spot. When your rug does need a thorough cleaning, then have it dry-cleaned. By following these cleaning instructions, your Berber rugs will last and remain beautiful, thick and soft.