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3 Types of Wood Splitters You will probably need a wood splitter if you want to chop wood at home. The log splitter you choose should be right for the project you have. There are various types of log splitters you can buy and hence, you should do some research about them. Below is an overview of the main splitters you will find in the market. Splitters that are Manually Operated These splitters use a lever to split wood. When the lever is pulled, the splitter wedge exerts force on the logs and splits it into half. Manual splitters are cheap and a great alternative to using axes. The splitters have a lower tonnage rating, capping at 14 tons. These portable machines can be used nearly everywhere. Manual splitters are best for those who occasional need to chop firewood. The machines are affordable and hence a great buy for hobbyists or those who chop firewood for home use. However, if you chop a lot of firewood, you may need a machine with more power.
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Electric Hydraulic Splitters Like the name suggests, these splitters are powered by electricity. The splitters are more affordable than those powered by gasoline. However, they are not as powerful as the gas powered types. The average tonnage rating of electric powered splitters is 14 tons. You can use these machines to chop wood at any place as long as you have access to electricity. In remote areas, you may have to power the splitters using a generator.
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There is no smoke or gaseous fumes emitted by electric splitters. Therefore, when you need to chop firewood while the weather is bad, you can use the machines indoors. Splitters that Use Gasoline These are the most powerful splitters in the market. The tonnage rating of the splitters ranges from 8 to over 45 and hence, they are best for commercial use. Gas-powered log splitters are heavier and more expensive than those that use electricity. Due to their large size and heavy weight, the splitters are usually transported using a trailer. Since the machines use gasoline, they can be used even in remote places. However, one disadvantage of gas-powered splitters is they emit smoke and dangerous fumes. Therefore, they are not ideal for use indoors. You should ensure the rooms where you want to use the splitters from are well ventilated. Which is the Best Log Splitter? The type of job you have should guide you on the type of splitter to buy. Another thing you should consider is the amount you are willing to offer for the machine. Do some research online to know of the best splitters to buy. If you have decided on the type of splitter to go for, the next thing would be deciding on the model. The above is an overview of the main types of wood splitters in the market.