The Key to a Good Night’s Rest

Achieving a good night’s rest starts with the type of mattress you choose to sleep on. One trip to a mattress store can be overwhelming unless you go prepared. There are dozens of mattress type to choose from such as soft, medium and firm, innerspring or memory foam, sleep number, and even water beds. With all these choices, determining which is the best mattress for you requires some research.

To begin with, the mattress you choose must provide support such that your body is in a neutral position, meaning the spine has a gentle curvature while the head, shoulders, heels, and buttocks are fully supported. Mattresses that are either too soft or too firm, result in the body being out of alignment, which translates to an achy body in the morning. Experts contend that if you experience low back pain upon rising in the morning, that resolves itself afterwards, then the mattress does not provide adequate support.

It is said that you will know if your mattress is appropriate for you if you don’t feel any pressure when lying on it, as if you are sleeping on a cloud. When mattress shopping, the best way, really the only way, to test the mattress is to try it out. Assume a position on the mattress that best matches the position you normally sleep in. Do this for a minimum of 15 minutes, more if possible, and if you can bring your own pillow, the better.

The most popular mattress today are innerspring types which provide support with their individually wrapped coil springs. Depending on the mattress manufacturer or brand line, a layer of pillow, latex, or even memory foam, may be placed on top of the coils. What you choose comes down to personal preference. More coils do not equate to more comfort, however, the least expensive mattress with the fewest coils, may not offer adequate support.

Another mattress type gaining favor are memory foam mattress and pillows. Memory foam pillows are designed to conform to weight and sometimes temperature, and are comprised of multiple layers of foam that vary in density. Because they conform to the sleeper’s body they are considered by many to be quite comfortable. Its ability to conform allows it to reduce common pressure points thereby relieving pain.