Tips Renovating Family Room More Comfortable

There can freely relax in the family room? Do not feel free, rigid and bound? What is wrong? Let us find the cause!

Maybe you already have a family room this time. However, just so a “dead”. Rarely used and visited by your family members. If this happens, it seems you need to evaluate the following points.

Location and Amenities

Feeling stifled by your living room now? Probably located less precise. Determine the spatial position of comfort. Ideally, the family room set in a strategic place both in the movement of people (occupants) or air.

Trying to move of space inside to the back porch is one way. In addition to becoming more fresh air, you can take advantage of outdoor area (outdoor) – such as the pool, the park is open, as an additional facility which adds to the comfort of your family to relax.


The choice of colors (walls and furniture) has effect also for the family room. In essence, in addition to comfortable in the eye, the color selection should also be comfortable “used”.

When in the living room, should everyone should feel free to express, no strings attached, and did not feel constrained. The choice of colors that are too “clean” (white, for example), for some people can be a “barrier” is. The white color can cause people to be felt free for fear of making dirty or damaged. Therefore, choose a color that is safe, not easily soiled, it can also add to the comfort of the family room. You can see custom media wall Glendale AZ to makes your wall looks more comfortable, Thunderbird Custom Design (TCD) provides custom media walls and custom entertainment centers for residential homeowners in Glendale AZ.

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Do not feel relaxed, impressed normal? Seating is the main furniture in the family room. Given its function as a gathering space, entertain, chat, and interact, then choose the design of seating casual and relaxed would be more appropriate.

To impress casual and formal, type of holder that different can be an attractive solution. Flexible holder can be changed position and back support, can also be done to create this convenience.

Lamps and Natural Light

Feeling distracted when interacting? Other than as illumination lighting in the living room so that the activity runs smoothly, also act as forming atmosphere. You can use various types of lamps as needed for this purpose.

The wall lights are “hidden” on the outskirts of the ceiling, it can create a warm dim atmosphere when families gather.

Add task lighting at some position is also important to keep some kind of activities can take place comfortably in this place.

Natural lighting is also worth thinking about, because of the warmth of natural light is very refreshing. Try to incorporate natural light into the living room by presenting openings. With good lighting plan, the family room is ready for use day or night.

Soft Furnishing

Selection of Soft Furnishing in the living room also becomes important. Soft furnishings are appropriate depending on the choice of materials. Given the family room into a relaxing meeting place, then that should be considered is besides looks beautiful, it also has a high durability and easy maintenance.


There was no warmth? When in the family room, you usually barefoot. Also, not all family members sit, but there are lying relaxed on the floor. Selecting the right floor covering will add comfort.

Material that gives the impression of a warm and secure the right to choose. Wearing parquet (wood floor) will be noticeably warmer than ceramic often feel cold. Thick warm fluffy carpet will be comfortable when walked on foot. In addition to the leisure side, wearing a rug can also be used as a confirmation area. So, even without partitions, gathering areas limited by this carpet installed.