Tips To Make Interior Design Office Convenient For Employees

In creating the interior design office, there are some things to be aware that your office looks comfortable but still formal. The convenience factor in the work to be one factor for employees to survive for long periods in the company. The convenience factor is not necessarily only the arising of a high income, job already controlled, or coworkers who are friends, but it could be caused by a comfortable working environment. Besides being supported by the working equipment that support the work, good interior design will form a sense of comfort and can improve employee productivity, while presenting the company as well.

Before determining the interior design will be made, you must determine the design plan of the room first. Make sure the location of the room staff, supervisors, managers, until the director was appropriate. In determining this plan, make sure the room manager or supervisor is not far from staff to facilitate control of the work and coordination and communication between teams. If the office space is wide enough, then you can make a small meeting room per division and a small kitchen. Try to have a meeting room that is closed so you can conduct a closed meeting in the office, especially for the head of the division.

Meeting Room Interior Design

The conference room is a formal meeting room that is used for discussion among the team within a company. Therefore, you must pay attention to the equipment that must be used in tight spaces, such as projectors, whiteboards, and so forth. Good idea to include a portfolio of office in a meeting room in the form of photos, showcase, banners, product samples, books and more. It aims to introduce the company and its products to guests and employees of the company.

Furniture that there must adapt the concept of the overall company. If you have a company engaged in the creative industries or the arts, it would be better if the concept of meeting rooms made with an element of art in it, not rigid as in manufacturing companies. Similarly, construction companies, food and beverage, hotel, until the restaurant. Make sure the meeting room can accommodate all heads of division within the company. Adjust the size table and chairs by the number of meeting participants. Height of the table is usually between 80-90 cm for comfort. Seats are used preferably a hydraulic chair that can be adjusted height to the table. Avoid the use of a short sofa and tables as a coffee table because it won’t memorable be formal or casual.

Pay attention to lighting and air conditioning (AC) present in the meeting room. Make sure the lights are bright enough to use so that meeting participants have no difficulty in reading the document. The room temperature is not too hot or too cold. The air temperature are too hot will making the atmosphere uncomfortable meeting. Likewise, if the room temperature is too cold. For air conditioning installation services, you can see in HVAC services in Phoenix.They are an air and heating companies with an outstanding reputation as well as a high rating with the Arizona BBB.


Keep the location of the office conference room space that can interfere with the activity of other meetings, such as the kitchen.

CEO Room Interior Design

The Boardroom is usually the most luxurious room for use by the principal or owner of the company. But actual costs can be minimized by selecting the right interior design. Prioritizing furniture to suit your needs, avoid excessive use of the closet if you do not save a lot of books or corporate data. Will be in vain if the cabinet is not in use and empty. Likewise with the use of sofa for guests of the company. As an alternative, you can use the meeting room to receive guests or hold a meeting outside of the office (external meeting).

The use of wallpaper also do not need the entire wall of the room, but could only on one or two sides only, while others use paint or covered by a bookcase. Use the minimalist photo frame to cover the empty impression on a certain wall area.

Staff Room Interior Design

The room staff is usually the simplest space in terms of artistic design, but has a lot more furniture to store company data. Some companies make the room as the data space across all divisions of the company. But some are stored per section divisions of the company. Tables and chairs are used not as fancy as the boardroom.