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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers: Who Are They?

A lot of people rely on insurance whenever they need it the most. Car insurance since you have been a victim of a car accident or medical insurance and that you have discovered that you have injury or severe illness that needs to be treated. People pay premiums not because they enjoy doing it, but because if in case something might happen to them they will be able to seek the help of their insurance company.

There are some companies that looks for any excuse not to pay for the honest customer that have been paying his or her policy every month as a protection. If an insurance company makes all the reason not to pay what is due in the contract, then the insurance company is engaging in insurance bad faith.

Insurance bad faith is a legal term that is used to describe a tort claim wherein an insured individual have something against the insurance company due to its bad acts. In the US alone, these insurance companies owe a duty of having good faith while dealing fairly with the people that have been insured by their company. Once a person enters into an insurance contract this is automatically the duty of the insurance company. Once the insurance company breaks its contract they can be sued for the breach of contract claim. Insurance companies can be sued for its civil wrong doings and in addition to the fact that they were not able to uphold their part of the bargain.
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At the end of the day, the insurance company will be forced to pay more in damages than that of the original face value of the policy.
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Every type of insurance has the duty to its policy holders as well as honor the agreements. If the insurance company is looking for ways on how to sneak their way out of the agreement, then they are acting in a bad faith. For an insurance company who practices bad faith, they are sued.

The most common insurance companies who are often sued for practicing bad faith are; life insurance, long term disability insurance, health insurance and auto insurance.

Whenever your insurance company fails to comply with the terms of your agreement in the policy, or sometimes delays and denies payments regarding your valid claims, then an experienced insurance lawyers will be able to help you pursue your financial compensation that you truly deserve.

If your insurance company is practicing the act of bad faith then they are liable for the value of the insurance contract. The insurance company will also pay for the compensation on both emotional and financial distress of its clients.