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3 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Vacuum Cleaner A clean home is a healthy home – every homeowner knows that. With time, a home will accumulate filth, dirt, and dust, which can pose a serious health hazard to those living in the house, especially those with asthma and allergies. Many homeowners try to get rid of filth by sweeping, dusting, and wiping, but these techniques won’t always work to remove every last speck of dirt in your space. If you want to make sure that you clear your home of all those allergens and filth, you should invest in a worthy vacuum cleaner. It pays to keep in mind however that vacuum cleaners aren’t created equal – some are better than the rest. If you’re wondering how to go about choosing the right one, this short list of three helpful tips for buying a vacuum cleaner should guide you towards the right choice. 1. Research the Different Types – When you make your way to the store to buy your vacuum cleaner, you might just be surprised how many different options are available. The experience of cleaning greatly varies from type to type, and that’s why you need to know more about each before making a purchase. The upright vacuum cleaner is much better at deep cleaning and costs less, but is much heavier than others. Canister vacuum cleaners are quieter and are ideal for floors and curtains, but because of the general form of this type of vacuum, it can be hard to store and maneuver. The stick type vacuum cleaner is easiest to use because of its slim form, but is also less efficient at collecting dust. 2. Learn More About the Features – The most common type of vacuum cleaners collect dust and dirt by suctioning it out of the different surfaces you want to clean, but there are others that feature a small motorized brush that’s used to dislodge dirt for better collection. Both of these features are ideal for different surfaces because a motorized brush is hardly necessary for hardwood floors. Choose the vacuum cleaner that has a detachable motorized brush for more versatile use.
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3. Think About Your Home – When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to think about the layout of your house. Do you have multiple storeys? A vacuum cleaner that’s lighter and smaller would be best for houses with more than just one floor. What kind of floors do you have? A stick or canister type vacuum cleaner would be ideal for solid floors, while uprights are best for deep cleaning carpeted flooring. Do you have lots of rugs and drapes? Understanding what you want to clean with your vacuum will give you a better idea of what attachments to purchase.What No One Knows About Products